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involve.me is an online no-code funnel builder for interactive content. 

Projects can be designed from scratch or kickstarted with one of the 200+ professionally designed templates included in the tool. All projects are fully customizable to fit your brand. Published projects can be shared, embedded, or used as pop-ups across your channels. 

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Forms (including payment processing services such as Strip of Paypal)


Landing pages

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If you want to improve lead generation, grow online sales, increase your email lists and gain useful insights about your audience - then involve.me is the tool you should try. Whether your use-case is simple or complex, involve.me’s feature-rich builder allows you to implement a suitable funnel for it.

Use involve.me and Drip for smarter and more efficient automation. 

Connect your email triggers to interactive forms and stunning landing pages that get leads. 

Convert more leads into customers by asking them the right questions in a fun way. Collect better customer data with fun quizzes and conversational surveys. 

involve.me’s advanced submission tracking and analytics helps you understand the whole customer story. Create stunning, fun and personalized interactive content for your audience with involve.me - faster than you imagine.