The Many Benefits of the Internet

The internet is a result of man’s attempt to squeeze the world into the size of an orange to make everyone closer together. It’s a very recent innovation that has allowed people to do a lot of things. It does have its own setbacks but the benefits that internet provides far outweighs its shortcoming. I’ve been an internet user for as long as I can remember and based from my experience, I have listed these benefits that I got from the internet:

1. Communication. The internet was primarily designed for faster communication even if both parties are halfway around the globe. I can simply state that by far, the internet has exceeded all expectations. People are now getting closer, thanks to revolutionary technologies. Despite these facts, more and more innovations are being developed to create a faster and more reliable internet communications. Our world is simply a global village, and the internet did shrink it the size of an orange.

2. Information. Another huge advantage that the internet brought forth is the information revolution. It’s like a bottomless pit that does not end. Anything that you need to know about different fields and subjects can be found online. All you have to do is launch your browser and open up any search engine. Type in the keywords and voila! Every bit of information-and illustration-that you need for your particular research will be displayed. The list is simply endless.

3. Entertainment. Of course, this is one aspect that is always taken into consideration with any new gadgets or gears. The media has tapped the power of the internet to bring their medium closer to the people in various parts of the world. Print ads, movies, news-everything can be found online. There are millions of games that can be downloaded, music stations to be listened to, and videos that can be streamed for free. Even chat rooms are very popular among internet users because it also provides some sort of fun entertainment for numerous users. But you have to be wary about who you talk to online because there are a lot of identity theft criminals who disguise themselves as fellow chat mates.

4. Services. A lot of services are now made accessible online. Almost every business wants to have their own “virtual” counterpart because the internet offers a lot of exposure and it reaches audiences all over the globe. Various companies have tapped the accessibility and flexibility offered by the internet to provide services that are significant to man’s every aspect of life like online banking, job hunting, hotel reservations, etc.

5. E-Commerce. This is a concept that is used to refer to any commercial activity done online. With the immediate transfer of information between computers all over the globe, various businesses have visualized this potential as something that can be taken advantaged of for huge profits. Online shopping is now a possibility without the need for you to be physically present inside the mall (although this risks your credit card number from being stolen and your personal information to identity theft). Best of all, everything is delivered right at your doorstep. Now isn’t that nice?

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