We're empowering the ecommerce rebellion.

Ecommerce was built to unite unique people with unique goods online, but today, giant marketplaces are threatening that spirit. Drip is here to fight back and keep ecommerce independent. It's time for the ecommerce rebellion.

What we do.

Drip gathers and organizes customer data, then enables ecommerce retailers to use that data to make personalized omnichannel customer journeys at scale.

By giving any online shop the same (and deeper) personalization and automation capabilities as the biggest marketplaces, we’re giving independent brands a chance to stand up and compete instead of getting snuffed out.

You could call us a startup. An early-stage tech company. The new kid at the intersection of personalization and ecommerce. Whatever you wanna call us, one thing’s for sure: The ecommerce industry is about to change forever.

Why we do it.

Giant ecommerce marketplaces are gobbling up independent shops. Their size enables them to compete on price, shipping speed, and generic reproductions. They’re commoditizing the things that used to be special, handmade, or backed by a brand people cared about.

And every time this happens—every time an independent store loses a sale to one of the online giants because of another slashed price—the ecommerce ecosystem is shaken. Another shop can’t keep up, another one shuts down, and another unique choice for consumers is taken off the table.

That’s not OK.

At Drip, we believe any ecommerce brand should have the tools to connect with their customers and compete online. Niche brands finally have a chance to build genuine, meaningful relationships with their customers in order to build long-lasting bonds. It’s bringing corner store vibes to any online shop in order to give people a reason to keep coming back. Whether it’s heartfelt personalization, timely communication, tailored offers, or just giving a damn, Drip is helping any seller earn loyalty and compete.

So, why are we doing all of this? To empower the ecommerce rebellion.

How we do it.

Empowering an ecommerce rebellion takes heart, compassion, and a whole lot of hustle. None of this would be possible without empathy. The power to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes is what drives us to help the sellers who use our platform.

Whether they’re selling hand-carved spoons, custom T-shirts, or accessories for ATVs, our goal is our customers’ growth and success when it comes to selling online. We keep our feet grounded and our focus locked by following a set of five Guiding Principles that apply in and beyond the office.

Our guiding principles.

We keep our feet grounded and our focus locked by following a set of five guiding principles that apply in and beyond the office.

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Customers First

We place the needs and desires of those who we serve ahead of those inside the building. Customers first so customers last.


All In

We play to win. We act with conviction and perseverance. We don’t half-ass anything. Both cheeks, firmly committed.


Row Together

We believe start-ups are crew boats, not rocket ships. We seek to achieve “swing”; the hard-to-define feeling of near-perfect synchronization of motion. One team, one crew boat.


Seek Growth

We’re not afraid of falling down in our attempt to reach higher. We stay hungry, embrace our mistakes, and keep moving forward. Mess up. Learn. Get better. Repeat.


Relationships Matter

We care about each human. We create trusted spaces where people can bring their whole selves—authentic and diverse. Our crew, customers, and community—connected.

Our leaders.

Our leaders push us to think outside the ecommerce box, empathize with the people who use Drip, and craft forward-thinking solutions every single day. With decades of experience and proven strategy, these folks know how to navigate the ecommerce industry now and tomorrow.


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